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Movement is Life -                  Dr. Ida P. Rolf  


In our modern, convenient, everyday lives we find ourselves in the same positions. Many of us sitting hours at a time in our cars, on our couches and at work or school. Because we are no longer constantly moving and using our full range of motion in order to survive, our organ of structure tends to get stuck and out of balance.


In my experience as an athlete, a massage therapist, a construction worker, and a student and practitioner of Structural Integration I have observed chronic tension in my own body and in that of my clients, friends, and coworkers. This tension, often associated with stress, does not have to be a permanent part of your life. Left unchecked it can lead to poor function, joint inflammation and deterioration, nerve impingement, and chronic pain. 


Through Structural Integration Therapy, space and freedom is restored to the myofascial system. Chronic tension is relieved, range of motion and function is increased, posture is improved and the whole system is more efficient. By bringing balance to the body, the forces of gravity are distributed more equally and the structure is able to support itself in gravity in a functional and vibrant way. From my introduction to Dr. Ida Rolfs work in 2010 through the present I am continually amazed by it. I am humbled and blessed to have found my passion and look forward to sharing this wonderful transforming experience with you!

Get Started with the 10 Series

Through the 10 session process known as the "10 series" chronically stuck tissue is systematically freed. 


Structural Integration is systematic approach to balancing the fascial system.

The goal of the work is to balance and free connective tissue. To experience the full effects of the Therapy you must complete a 10 session process. Each session focuses on a specific area of the body. Clients are encouraged to stay aware and involved during the process, this helps the brain to record the changes and makes the therapy incredibly long lasting. Because of the neurological component I do not believe in the no pain no gain theory. In fact, the gentle approach to SI bodywork has been found to be more effective long term. Your session will not be painful. Each session must be scheduled at least 5 days apart in order to allow the body time to process fully. Traditionally with SI work, clients are encouraged to schedule one session a week for 10 weeks. However, allowing up to 4 weeks between sessions will not interrupt the process.


Whether you are looking to alleviate debilitating pain, or want to unlock your athletic potential, Structural Integration can give your body the space it needs to function optimally.

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