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Sarah  1/1/15

I first saw Rosanna for a pinched nerve in my neck that was radiating pain into my left shoulder blade area. After one SI session the pain in my shoulder disappeared. It has never returned. I love how much taller and more flexible I feel after each session!​

Brett  3/13/16

I am conviced that when Muhammad Ali said he could "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee," he had just had Structural Integration. I have never felt so strong and physically capable in my life. Zanna and the 10 step SI program is the best thing that I have ever done for my body.

Jeanann Eckert L. Ac. EAMP  3/14/16

Rosanna's work is accurate attentive, and very effective. As an Acupuncturist and Medical Caregiver I am benefiting from and enjoying quick results with each session and experiencing lasting results. Thank you Rosanna!

Steph  3/10/16

Rosanna is awesome! She is professional and talented. Her techniques are long-lasting and the sessions feel like a combination of massage and physical therapy.

Marilynn  1/20/16

Rosanna just finished my third session and - wow - I can really feel a difference.  I think I am started to benefit from the cumulative nature of these massages.

Stevie  2/26/16

After seeing Rosanna my flexibility and posture is improved. I really notice increased range of motion in my neck and my knees.

Ryan  2/16/16

After just 2 sessions of SI Therapy with Rosanna, I have noticed an increased range of motion and improved circulation. I feel like i'm learning to walk in my own skin again.

 Joe  11/19/14

Having received the 10 series from Rosanna in the fall of 2014, I have been able to maintian my active lifestyle without the nagging pain in my knees and lower back. SI Therapy has helped keep my body in balance so I can enjoy my activiities to the fullest such as Golf, Volleyball, Cycling, Skiing, and Paddleboarding.

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